Personal Training Program

Using the latest coaching science I have developed a three-point plan to inspire you (individual, semi-private, or team) to achieve your fitness goals.

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Set Goals

At our initial meeting I will perform a thorough fitness evaluation including: a functional movement screen, nutritional questionaire, postural analysis and performance test.

I will work with you to understand your commitment level, desired outcome and ideal training environment.  Together we will establish specific, measurable and achievable goals.

Design Plan

Based on your fitness evaluation and goals, together we will create a safe, progressive, individualized program.  The program will utilize the latest sports technology to support your training.

This plan will take into account your current movement patterns to complement them with alternative movements.

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Achieve Results

During your training program, I will inspire you to make the right decisions when I'm not with you.

I will teach you how to: train without pain, use the proper form and move in the three planes of motion. During the program I will measure your performance and adjust the program to ensure you will meet your desired results.  

Visit my testimonials page  to see examples of results achieved.